FastDrama Jackpot - 대박

Jackpot - 대박 - Ep24 END

Other name: 大撲, Daebak, The Royal Gambler
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): History, Gambling, Revenge
Release: March 28 - June 14, 2016 Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00
Episode(s): 24 Status: Ep24 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: SBS Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Nam Gun Writer(s): Kwon Soon Kyu
Cast: Jang Geun Suk, Yeo Jin Goo, Im Ji Yun, Jun Kwang Ryul, Choi Min Soo, Yoon Jin Seo
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This drama is about a prince is forced to live as a commoner and uses his gambling skills to take revenge on the King.

Baek Dae Gil (Jang Geun Suk) is the best gambler in the Joseon era. He holds deep resentment inside, but is also cool on the exterior. King Yeongjo (Yeo Jin Goo) is a man who never lower his head without a convincing reason. Meanwhile, Dam Seo (Im Ji Yun) exists solely to take revenge upon king.

89 comment(s)
david paul 169 days ago
please make episode 24 downloadable
V 434 days ago
Please make episodes 13, 14, and 16 able to be downloaded.
Admin 483 days ago
@Ana | We fixed.
Ana 483 days ago
Subtitle for ep 06 plz
vchins4 652 days ago
No English subtitles for episodes 6, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, and 20

Please fix.
Admin 672 days ago
@Chris | We fixed
Chris 672 days ago
Episode 21 cannot download
Pink 738 days ago
Beautiful drama. Hope to see more of jan geun sook deama soon. And Yeo Jin Goo's acting was fantastic. He's only 18yrs old and a very promising actor. Looking forward for more drama of him too!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Cthanks admin for your hardwork. ❤️
Admin 740 days ago
@Adrian | We'll fix download link episode 20. Tks for report!
Jayanti 740 days ago
Very good show. All actors n actress acted well. Good script.. Thank you admin for the hard work😍
Adrian 740 days ago
Hi Support Team
Could fix episode 20 as no subtitles and neither can it be downloaded.
Jolene 740 days ago
By the looks of the ending, the writer is planning to do another season of this in 2 years. It is just a gut feeling that I have when I saw the ending of Episode 24.
Min-Tae team five children 740 days ago
Its really an amazing drama... hopefully some of this kind of drama aired soon... the actors really did an awesome work... and also tanx admin for the hard work...
diyana 740 days ago
thanks so much admin for the good work! totally enjoy this drama and congrats to the cast and production team for awesome drama..:)
Juli 740 days ago
Thank you very much for your work!
josie 740 days ago
Thank you for giving us a good drama...congratulation to all the cast..hoping to see another good drama..we appreciate the hard of everybody...
Jayanti 741 days ago
Thank you for this good show!!!!
Jolene 741 days ago
one more Episode of this amazing Drama. So sad but I enjoyed it. Thank you Admin for all your hard work. Also I noticed that other Dramas and movies that are older can

not be downloaded but I hope you can make them downloadable. Thank you for daebak.
Dao 745 days ago
@min-tae yes i liked her lol but this movie was good until she died . If you like it thats good my opinion shouldnt matter. Baek dong soo is way better than this movie .
Teena 747 days ago
Can't wait the next episode😊
Min-Tae team five children 747 days ago
I couldn't agree with you @Dao. Maybe ypu liked Damseo that much that's why. She's not the carrier of the story..
Yah 748 days ago
Spoiler alert ahead....sorry couldn't help it
Yah 748 days ago
Yi in jwa got the slip again...........whyyyyyyyyy....... Everyone that associates with him end up dying, that's so sad, but very loyal of them. I hope in the end the Kings eunuchs survive I adore them.......great acting from the King in this one.....thanks
Dao 748 days ago
Ehh i rather watch master: god of noodles
Admin 748 days ago
Thanks for report. i'll fix soon
Rainy 748 days ago
Why start with ep 14 cannot be downloaded , it says file not found .
Admin 749 days ago
@Carol | You should try again. It's still working, Thanks!
Carol 749 days ago
No English subtitle
Maz 753 days ago
@Dao she was hardly in any of last few episodes?? Lol
Jolene 753 days ago
So sad that there are on;y 4 more episodes and every episode makes me sit at the edge of my seat and it is a killer to wait until next week for Episode 21 and 22 because this drama is so good! I would love to shake the writers hand! I was sad when Dam Seo killed herself but the show must go on as that was part of Korean History back in those days.
Dao 754 days ago
Since dam seo died this drama has gotten boring. I dont wait for the next expisodes like i used to . Not going to watch anymore lol im so mad
Jolene 755 days ago
I can not wait until the next episode. Thank you admins
ET 760 days ago
Admin, thanks for the subtitles! However, it appears to be truncated at parts. Possible to reload? Muck thanks!!
Admin 761 days ago
@Jolene | We're uploading hardsub version. Please wait!
Jolene 761 days ago
Admin: I am so sorry to say this but there is no English Subtitles on the downloaded version of Episode 18. Maybe a staff member accidentally uploaded the non English Subtitle one instead the Subtitle one by mistake.
Dao 761 days ago
Why did dam seo have to die so dumb .
ICE 762 days ago
@Admin: Thank you for ur reply , I appreciate all ur hard work for us to be able to enjoy all these great dramas! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)
Na kuan su kuhn 762 days ago
Ya nyaaaaa
Admin 762 days ago
@Jolene | Thank you very much. We appreciate your ideal.
Jolene 762 days ago
@Admin I am really in love with your site! lol! You work so hard in making sure to fix all problems and you get each series up so fast. Thank you so much for fixing all problems. I am promoting you in all my facebook groups and my Radio Show so if you get a lot of users, you know why1 lol. You should have a member sign up and log in portal so that you can keep up with all your users as this would be very helpful to you. I would love to become a member of this site because it is an amazing site run by admins who work hard and dedicated to make sure everything goes right. I am really loving Daebak so much because of you admins. I hope that you site will get a site award soon. I support you strongly admins. Please be proud of your site always :)
Admin 762 days ago
@ICE | We'll check and fix shortly sub for ep 17. Thank you very much for your report!
ICE 762 days ago
@Admin: this is not 100% subbed as it states.. theres alot missing still
Admin 762 days ago
@Jolene | Thank for report. I'll fix it soon
Jolene 762 days ago
Please fix the file not found error for when downloading Episode 5 and 6. I really need to get those 2 episodes and I am making them into DVD for myself to treasure always being Jang Keun Suk's last Drama until he is out of Military Service. Thank you so much! Admin you are doing an awesome job and this is the best site on the net to watch and download.
Gp. cg 762 days ago
Yessss,,, im waiting this day to watch DAEBACK....its already uploaded but ill watch later with engsub, tnx adminz... done watchin Vampire Detective ep9 next running man ep300... tnk u tnk u adminz for all yur hardwork...
Jolene 764 days ago
File not found for Episode 6 for downloading. Please fix this. Thank you!
Jolene 764 days ago
Hello! I tried to download Episode 5 but it says file can not be found and I very much need to download it. Thank you so much.
Maz 768 days ago
Thank you Admin!!! You guys need to promote your page out there!!!!
Admin 768 days ago
PLs wait few minutes
Jolene 768 days ago
Please make Episode 16 downloadable. thank you.
Jolene 768 days ago
Episode 16 needs the download button
tikya 769 days ago
thanks a lot I love it
Jolene 769 days ago
Can't download Episode 15 yet. Please fix that! You are the best! Thank you!
Jayanti 769 days ago
Thank you admin for the hard work. Really appreciate it 😍
Jolene 773 days ago
I think the admins of this site is doing an amazing job with keeping up with every episode of Daebak and working hard to add in the English subs on the same day. Adding English subs is a lot of hard work and not easy at all/ I wanted to thank the staff of this site for all of their hard work that they do for the drama to add English subs and uploading it to the site and most of all... Letting us download it for free. I have my own web based Radio show and I will always promote this site to say thank you for what you are doing. Because of this site, I can add the drama on to DVD so that I can enjoy Daebak for many years to come. You are doing an outstanding amazing job! Thank you so much!! I think this site deserves an award :)
Kim 774 days ago
Admin, no eng subtitles on episode 6 :)
ZeeD 775 days ago
OMG no previews!
Maz 776 days ago
I'm lost lol I love this drama but all these pretty girls are turning up 😂😂😂
dao 776 days ago
Omg dam seo so fine even under that mask thats covering her . Im in love lol cant wait for next episode!!
dao 776 days ago
Lol sure buddy
chill 776 days ago
Don't trash talk the prince aka Yeo Jin Goo his character is very likeable so far so damn cute
Btw patiently waiting for the sub can't wait to see what happens next
dao 777 days ago
Cant wait for ep 13 been watching some episodes over and over
dao 781 days ago
Where is dam seo man she needs to come back and be with dae gil i hate that prince
Melody 781 days ago
Thank you!
Admin 781 days ago
We fixed
Melody 781 days ago
Admin, no English subs on Episode 10. :)
Melody 781 days ago
Thank you Admin! Subs are there now.
Admin 781 days ago
Try again
Melody 781 days ago
Why doesn't episode 8 have English subs?
Admin 781 days ago
Pls try again
nuaqibe 781 days ago
its stuck at 28.04
anna 788 days ago
thank ü 🙂
dao 789 days ago
Thank you :)
dao 789 days ago
Sub for ep 10 pls watched the movie understood a little want to know more lol
Juli 789 days ago
Спасибо за оперативность, очень нравится сериал.
dao 794 days ago
Cant wait for next episodes
Ghab 802 days ago
Yey just love it when i finish watching ep6,
dao 803 days ago
Okay thanks
Admin 803 days ago
Pls wait Monday next week
dao 803 days ago
When is episode 7 being uploaded? Love this drama its just a little like baek dong soo .
Admin 803 days ago
Pls change server if you can't see sub
Tim 803 days ago
Where is subtitle in english for episodes 4 and 5?
Admin 818 days ago
We fixed. Pls try again
Asia 818 days ago
Subs and dialogues are far apart 😕
Admin 818 days ago
Thanks, We share with you, you share with your friends, that's good!
Codeblue 818 days ago
Thank much Admin - no problem will comeback tomorrow, I already shared this page to my timeline :-).
Admin 818 days ago
Be patient, we'll update soon when it's available!
Codeblue 818 days ago
Waiting for English subs too Admin :-)
Favian 818 days ago
I wait eng sub.....tx admin.
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