FastDrama Hana Nochi Hare: HanaDan Next Season - 花のち晴れ〜花男 Next Season〜

Hana Nochi Hare: HanaDan Next Season - 花のち晴れ〜花男 Next Season〜 - Ep11 END

Other name: Boys Over Flowers Season 2
Category: Japan Drama 2018
Genre(s): Romance, School, Youth
Release: Apr 17, 2018
Episode(s): 11 Status: Ep11 END Country: Japan
Language: Japanese Subtitle: English
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21 comment(s)
Preston 2 hours ago
Please sub episode 10 and 11!
Riana 11 days ago
Thank you so much for sharing this and the hard work put in subbing. Hope to see the subs for episode 10 and 11 soon! :) Thank you
David 18 days ago
Good day Admin, Please upload the Episode 10 and 11 English subs. We want to know the end of the story on this drama. Thank you very much for the hard work on translating the J-drama. We hope that you not stop translating other good J-drama on website.
June 20 days ago
Omg thank you to those who subbed episode 9 TT I was dying to see more of it, checking every day !
David 25 days ago
Good day Admin, when will be the available English subs for ep 9, 10 and 11? we hope that you will upload it soon. Thank you for your hard work and god bless you all translators.
Lola 27 days ago
No one knows if the episodes that doesn't have subs are somewhere else right? This is happening also with other japanes dramas where they left us with some of the final episodes without translations.
Andromeda 37 days ago
is there still not available subs in ep 9,10 and 11???
Andromeda 45 days ago
episode 9, 10, and 11 please with english subs... thank you!!!
chubbydwi 45 days ago
Hi all translators + subbers + admin + whoever involves in this project... I just wanted to say thank you for all the hardwork that you guys have accomplished. I believes all of us here are grateful for the work you have done. To be honest i am happy with all the subtitles that are given. I dont think it is necessary to do prefect and precise translation, as long as it carries the exact message the actor was trying to express. Each language has their own culture and specific meaning that other language may not have, so unless you are a native speaker, you would not understand. So i really appreciate if sometimes there are comments that helps readers to understand better. But I also do appreciate those who is doing it perfectly... So for me, I am extremely grateful for all subs provided so i can enjoy the drama.. Thank you so much guys!! you guys Rock!!
ADELINE 53 days ago
thank you for making this new drama available and really appreciate the time taken for uploading and sharing!
Mae 54 days ago
If u are watching this without paying a cent, u do not have the right to demand a near perfect sub! The fact that the video is available for watching, u shd already be thankful. Much more that someone takes time to sub it, no matter how amateur the sub may be. If u want a perfect sub, go buy urself the DVD or watch it on paid sites!
June 62 days ago
To the comment right below mine, I understand your point but you could at least slip a "thank you for your work" in the midst of the constructive criticism ? I've worked in a fansub so I can't deny your point, sometimes teams reach because of the pressure and people being impatient... But regardless of quality someone STILL bothered to time and do something. There are dramas I wanted to watch I never could watch because no one picked it up. I'm thankful for anything, even if the translation isn't perfect. How many movies did I watch with what seemed Google Translated generated translations. It's somehow frustrating for the translator I am, but again, it's free work from amateurs, let's be thankful.
translation + subbing + and everything else 66 days ago
to translators & those subbing: if the translation is inaccurate (or not properly translated) and the wording is wrong, and with extra unnecessary comments, why post the episode? it's honestly very misleading. the fact that you'll even include "i'm not sure about this line," "i think is what he said?" why even bother to rush the upload? you can upload it later on, and first confirm the translation to give a better service for those watching and those who don't understand japanese. the soft subs of either episode 7 or 8 (i forgot which one) were messy. there were lines that were wrongly translated and there were some subs that continuously repeated such as "(oto:) ------" even though oto wasn't in the conversation. it's better to delay an upload and give right & clean translations (with proper wording and grammar) than to provide inaccurate and rushed translation quickly.

yes, people are demanding for subs for other episodes, but these people should be AT LEAST able to UNDERSTAND that translating and subbing are not easy tasks.

to those translating & subbing: imagine yourself in the position of those watching (+ having only little knowledge on japanese) want more, however the admins gave you a wrongly translated movie/drama, what'd be your reaction to it?

to those waiting for english subs to go out: imagine you're the translator, and you're having a hard time translating a dialogue, then there are fans/watchers/viewers who are begging for the subs of that episode to be uploaded, and you're feeling an amount of peer pressure to the point where you gave out wrong translations (and you started feeling guilty about it), what do you think would you feel?

rushing won't give out good results.
Paulo Ricardo 70 days ago
Please subtitles for episode 7 👌😭
rejoni 70 days ago
Please sub episode 7. Thank you ever so kindly.
JM 81 days ago
Ep 6 plsss
JM 81 days ago
anon 83 days ago
EPISODE 6 has subs now on Subscene. I do not know if this is the place to tell this, but give it a go. RAWS for Ep6 have been out for a while now.
Viewer 86 days ago
Please update episode 5, the subs are up on subscene :)
Sarah 88 days ago
Sara 90 days ago
Thank you so much !
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