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yuki 29 days ago
jeanelyn 40 days ago
i want to download
miguel 62 days ago
Sheerah 66 days ago
This better work!
adrian 68 days ago
oofy 70 days ago
This looks so good! I wish my country had more movies like this instead of cartoons and animated movies... TT
jet 72 days ago
jane 77 days ago
Jan Doblon 80 days ago
I really love it
Jan Doblon 80 days ago
I love it
Syera 82 days ago
Watch it
rea friginal 87 days ago
Michelle 91 days ago
Im waiting for this movie...finally i found it..
phikis 94 days ago
i want to watch this movie
renjohn reyes 96 days ago
swt 96 days ago
Hannah Rome Obsina 99 days ago
I want to download it
Marie 110 days ago
Folakemi 113 days ago
i like LSJ movies that is all I can say
Folakemi 113 days ago
I like LJS movie that is all I can say
Yohan Lee 118 days ago
Prince martin daanoy 124 days ago
nothing to say
Faith 136 days ago
I can finally watch this movie
Jackie 138 days ago
jhared 139 days ago
i want to download plz
skye 141 days ago
im ready
did 142 days ago
this film is very interesting, unexpected, and full of thriller. with great casts in one film, it was well blended. moreover, ljs seems to step out from his comfort zone. with huge number of viewers which considered as box office, its honor to watch this film. thumbs up to the team for your awesome job!
amar 142 days ago
very good actor
lee jong suk 143 days ago
chuti semy 143 days ago
Let's try
[email protected] 144 days ago
Kelis Richardson 144 days ago
John Orly Orque 144 days ago
I hope to get the movie.. thanks
Carah 145 days ago
one 145 days ago
ankit tete 145 days ago
good one
Alphane gata 146 days ago
Alphane gata 146 days ago
Good movie
Bruno 148 days ago
Thanks good movie
Yesha 148 days ago
dodo 149 days ago
HANS 149 days ago
hoaegi baby 149 days ago
lee jong suk
Lezeez v rooi 150 days ago
maryam 151 days ago
lee jong suk is daebak
daniel 151 days ago
Klarissa Mercado 151 days ago
I want to watch it bc this is a film of my love lee jong suk
Anne 152 days ago
Karen 153 days ago
Ingyin 153 days ago
It is so cool.
Ingyin 153 days ago
Dimyao 153 days ago
Great! Thanks.
Dimyao 153 days ago
lee jong suk is best..
Pao Waras 154 days ago
Its soooo cool
Jk 154 days ago
kim acuevas 155 days ago
Lloydemer 157 days ago
I liked it
Sambridhi Dulal 157 days ago
lee jong suk is best..
Dimple 158 days ago
Great! Thanks.
Mikaella Bolor 158 days ago
i loved it
J 158 days ago
Maya Harb 159 days ago
Genevieve 159 days ago
Ella 159 days ago
Ally Estrella 159 days ago
So cool
Efrell Love Timtim 159 days ago
Kübra 159 days ago
anne 160 days ago
want to watch it
Vryan 160 days ago
Dianne 160 days ago
I really want to watch this
Dianne 160 days ago
I really want to watch this
Hannah wan 160 days ago
So lit
Ryan Jay 160 days ago
thank you
Maryam laigo 160 days ago
Really want to watch the vip
Maryam laigo 160 days ago
LILIANA 160 days ago
emocionada para ver esta esperada pelicula
suji liit 161 days ago
I am very excited to watch this movie
Marhea 161 days ago
Can't wait to watch this.
Arnie Joan Apura 161 days ago
I am excited to see tgis movie 💕💕😍 a die hard fan pf lee jong suk heree💋💞
miyoko-chan 163 days ago
the movie was lit! lee jong suk oppa is so great at acting
syrajean 166 days ago
jenna loraine brutas 171 days ago
That was awesome! Cant believe oppa jong suk wil do thaf. Great acting my oppa! Saranghae
chief 173 days ago
Cant even watch or download movie...wheres the link?
chief 173 days ago
wheres the movie?
lloys 174 days ago
thank youuuuuuu
kyummie 175 days ago
thank u! love lots!
Liew Wen Jing 176 days ago
Thank you so much
tanrico 176 days ago
so nice! thank you so much for this opportunity to share this one great movie
Hannah Cabahug 178 days ago
amazing movie.
Nyaomeow 180 days ago
thank u
saghar 181 days ago
Sal 182 days ago
thank you!
Jackie D 185 days ago
eris 186 days ago
thank you!
insiyaa 186 days ago
help me download
rocio 186 days ago
thank you!
grace 188 days ago
thank you
negra 190 days ago
negra 190 days ago
It's good
rishabh 196 days ago
sara 197 days ago
Thank you
gulapgulita 212 days ago
Dear admin. Please fix the subtitle. Thank you
Jas 221 days ago
Please send me the download link of VIP full movie..thanks
luna 221 days ago
The video doesnt work at all
gulapgulita 224 days ago
Dear admin, the subtitles are terrible. This is a very good and highly anticipated movie. Please look into fixingthe subtitles. Thank you
Alluka 225 days ago
Salute kissdrama for uploading thia movie. Tyvm
Seven Andrew S. Arellano 225 days ago
I want this to download
I want this so much
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