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okta 53 days ago
make sure dont want to open this web side,, just wasting time to try see the drama. only spam appears😡
John 59 days ago
@Admin, I am not sure how to explain this, but it’s getting impossible to get the videos to play on the 360 link, or anyone , there is a mute sign on frequently, when one clicks on it, the links never open but a barrage of spam appears.
John 80 days ago
All I can say at this point in time grrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh the damn pop
John 80 days ago
Please help remove this or at let me see it once if they are your sponsors.
John 80 days ago
The pop up that blocks and slows my system every two seconds reads like this, DMMGames, Powered by Geniee. It’s a nuisance not an advert by any chance, this pops up every 2 seconds even during watching any drama.
John 81 days ago
Why am I subjected to that manga hero thing all the time, even when I am watching dramas, this pokoyo sort of thingy pops up blurring the screen , I am fed up of this pop, it’s like a virus and tends to slow down my system. I hate it really, I shouldn’t be forced to watch or see useless virus advert that slows and infects my system,
Qjohn 83 days ago
Please fix your website, this time it’s the play button, rewind button, fast forward button. I believe this can be fix.
John 87 days ago
Is the website having technical problems, it’s either very slow in opening episodes or won’t let one post comments, or hardcore porn things keep popping up. It’s been like this for more than a week now. At least block off the hardcore porn things, if we want to watch porn, we can do that ourselves, please clean your website. And there is this new thing that requests me to sign in time and again in disqus
John 88 days ago
What is going on with the websites, now it’s hardcopre porn lasting 38 seconds and can’t even close the ugly thin fucking couples. This is wrong.
John 88 days ago
Is Fastdrama website down?
ninalevi 97 days ago
I can't load video.
I can't load video
John 97 days ago
Post button in the comments section isn’t working
beeey 130 days ago
why cant i load videos in 360p anymore only mango and open are here.can you fix it please admin
TS 145 days ago
Won’t play. I just get a blank black screen.
Sandy 148 days ago
The subs are not showing for ep 1. I've refreshed several times. And for John below, your post was probably removed because it's offensive.
ann sheffield 164 days ago
no videos are coming up just a blank screen
John 212 days ago
I would like to question why you removed my post on why fat bald men with little dicks make fuller body women uncomfortable to an extent of suicide and anorexia? So you guys dance the tune of suppressing women and making them think if they are bigger they aren’t pretty? You guys would rather sidecwith fat little bald people because they sponsor you? Is it anyone’s fault they have little dicks are feel uncomfortable when anyone mentions it? Then why do you want that character to fast and advertise how to starve themselves in order to loose weight? Is it because the little dicks are hidden in them small skinny trousers ? Come on be fair, if they are offended so are the fuller figure women when they see that characte4 forced to fast and wearing that mouth thingy. Be fair and put that back on. Only in Korea do people feel they hav3vto be thin whilst the r3st of the world embraces life and celebrates people not silicone valley.
kezang 215 days ago
this webpage is not working
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