FastDrama A Love So Beautiful - 致我们单纯的小美好

A Love So Beautiful - 致我们单纯的小美好 - Ep24 END

Other name: Zhi Wo Men Dan Chun De Xiao Mei Hao,To: Our Pure Little Beauty
Category: China Drama 2017
Genre(s): Romance, School, Youth
Release: Nov 9, 2017
Episode(s): 23 Status: Ep24 END Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
Cast: Hu Yi Tian, Shen Yue
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cait 37 days ago
Ayaw po mag download bat po? Ganun
Rosalyn Baisac 43 days ago
Jaimie Adona 44 days ago
I loved it
Jocel 48 days ago
Bakit hindi
Rowena Camu 50 days ago
it's so beautiful. i love it
Sheannen rain areglado 57 days ago
Amm.. Di ko po sya madownload
jeo 58 days ago
kung gusto niyo i-dl try niyo sa computer or laptop
Czara gamoza 60 days ago
J.carli 60 days ago
Such a beautiful chinesse drama
charles 65 days ago
cute love story
Isabela LalisaJean WP Managaytay 68 days ago
Chen Xiaoxi and Jiangchen❤
Cherry 68 days ago
such a good movie
alexis thea 69 days ago
mark john 69 days ago
how yo download
joan 71 days ago
gusto ko din po naka subtitle napo ang a love so beautiful at kumpleto po
joan 71 days ago
download gusto ko kasi ma panood ang buong episode ng a love so beautiful
Gladys Palope 72 days ago
This is so nice
alisha 72 days ago
admin please fix all the episodes I can't download with eng subtitle
Kaye 73 days ago
So cute!
Ruzzel Tubog 74 days ago
She’s too cute.
Shelly Ashley Magat 74 days ago
aj flores 74 days ago
CIR 75 days ago
[email protected]
athena lhiyahn 76 days ago
John John 76 days ago
So nice
jamailah venice t abella 76 days ago
A love so beautiful is very nice
jamailah 76 days ago
So nice
cypril 77 days ago
It is so good
d 77 days ago
cant watch ep 13
Ella 77 days ago
I love this show
Carmela 77 days ago
very fast to watch and know the lastest updates of pur favorites drama
Carmela 77 days ago
very fast to watch
Honey 78 days ago
paano po idownload?
alghie 78 days ago
PAano idownload
rara_meng 78 days ago
Hononoy 78 days ago
Paano idownload?
Ana Jenica Tagoy 79 days ago
Win 79 days ago
I dont know how to download it
Divine Grace Victoria 79 days ago
Why isn't Download?
Abegail 80 days ago
Abegail 80 days ago
ell 80 days ago
why is it not working? i've press a lot of times but it didn't happen to start downloading.
izzy 80 days ago
this is amazing
arlyn 80 days ago
its amazing
arlyn 80 days ago
this series is one of the best
BRIANE ENAJE 80 days ago
Pano idownload?
andrea 81 days ago
jc why so cute😍
nookie 82 days ago
how to download?
precious daniella mapa 83 days ago
김세온 84 days ago
Bhoz cho 84 days ago
How to download
kent cortes 84 days ago
i love it
Shemaiah Keziz Velasco 84 days ago
its so beautiful story
simei agustin 85 days ago
simei agustin 85 days ago
how to download
lrtalex 85 days ago
Em 85 days ago
or san site pwde mag stream nlng nung mga episodes na hindi ma-download?
Em 85 days ago
may update na ba sa ep. 13,15 & 19?
sab 85 days ago
how can I download this?
Mara 85 days ago
Cant download. Please help. TIA
Sarah 85 days ago
Aira 85 days ago
Susko. Sobrang nakakakilig sila. Kainlove❤
jel 85 days ago
can't download
Creznin 86 days ago
I can't move on.
Tin 86 days ago
How to download the video? Pls help
Antoneth Alviola 86 days ago
Jenny 87 days ago
Che 88 days ago
Hirap magdownload. Bakit nagpiplay yung video hindi nagstart ang pgdownload..
Angeline mendoza 88 days ago
Sovery cute this vedio
Colene 88 days ago
Chim 89 days ago
Guys, to download just click the word download below the video and then it will load to the download links page. After that, click the episode you want to download.And then, click the sign "open". And then it will take you to the openload site. There, click the word download until there is no more ads and it will successfully download. If you have any questions on how to download, just comment.:)
Chrislynn Gako 89 days ago
hirap mag move on
charish joy bayot 89 days ago
Guest 90 days ago
It load several times can you please fix it!
keithleenbelgica 91 days ago
Pano i download huhu
ey 91 days ago
hirap magdownload
Diela 93 days ago
I love thissss
Jayvee 93 days ago
Heart 93 days ago
Can't download videos
Crissy ebreo 93 days ago
Noona_tina 93 days ago
Paano po ito e download?
Yangvitocruz 94 days ago
I like this drama
Miguel 94 days ago
Marjo Mae 95 days ago
I want to watch this!
Kianna 95 days ago
Marianne 96 days ago
joy 97 days ago
I want to watch this
Lyka Mae 99 days ago
I want to watch this
Jirlyn Falceso 99 days ago
i like it,, very catchy
yan 99 days ago
Karen Mae Bergado 100 days ago
How to download the video idont know how i need help?
Emma 101 days ago
Kiersten 104 days ago
There is no english sub at ep 4
luisa 107 days ago
plsssssssss makeee me feel good
Jean Cristobal 136 days ago
Vivian 148 days ago
Juvy Ann Borras 148 days ago
Cant wait ti downlod it
Juvy Ann Borras 148 days ago
Love love
Juvy Ann Borras 148 days ago
Lyslyn dejanio 150 days ago
KingYhanz 160 days ago
why cant download episodes 13 / 15/ 19?
ake 160 days ago
alfie 191 days ago
Why can't i download it. So frustrated
caoyisitie 201 days ago
thank you
Shamella 205 days ago
Its very cute.
Eiylia 215 days ago
Special episode please 😌
shane 215 days ago
There ep24 right
reechan 216 days ago
@fastdrama please kindly add A love so beautiful special episode.its still worth to watch. thanks for your hardwork:)
Nish Calib 216 days ago
thanks for the subs
Beverly cariaAga 217 days ago
Its so cute.😊😊
Reechan 218 days ago
Im gonna miss this cute couple.. i hope they are going to be a couple for real..luv them
Eiylia 218 days ago
* download it
Eiylia 218 days ago
Where's episode 23? dailymotion already have the last episode with english subtitles but i can't watch it because i want to download from here.
shane 218 days ago
Why took so long for ep23????
Pogi 219 days ago
shane 219 days ago
Ep 23????
Eiylia 219 days ago
Last episode with english sub please 🙏 can't wait 😭
JenJen 220 days ago
Last episode please???? 23~~~~~ Dying for the ending~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Eiylia 220 days ago
Where's episode 22 😭
Paulo 221 days ago
episode 21 pls
조수민 223 days ago
Thank you so much! I found it long time .. You are my angel!
조수민 223 days ago
Thank you
Ra 223 days ago
They dont show the subss
Girlien 225 days ago
Reduce the ad please... its appearing every 3 mins
yoojung 225 days ago
Dee 226 days ago
Pls add another server. Dailymotiob doesnt work in my countrt
Vandana Yadav 227 days ago
kai lee 228 days ago
sub titles for new episodes please. thanks
jclover 228 days ago
I need sub for ep 17 . Cant wait to see next ep😍
지현도 228 days ago
Thank you
gangi 228 days ago
how can i download the subtitles only
Juliet 228 days ago
I need english subtitles for the remaining episodes, so please guide me. Also how many episodes does this drama have?
HJ 228 days ago
박초아 229 days ago
scan woaltdjdy
Xinyu 229 days ago
how to download ep17-ep20?
Qw 229 days ago
kawhi 230 days ago
how to download ep17 - ep21?
kellyjean 230 days ago
hello ep 21 please
sitibadi 230 days ago
How to download ep 17 ?
Joe 231 days ago
Thank you for your efforts on subtitles!
SehJi 232 days ago
thanks :)
Xincliere 234 days ago
thank you!!
Mills 234 days ago
thanks for the subs!!!!
Susano 234 days ago
No sub 😭😭😭
Nana 234 days ago
Subtitle for ep 14,15 & 16 please,, 😊😘
Mae 236 days ago
Such a beautiful drama!😊😊😊
이예지 236 days ago
Kyra 237 days ago
nina 238 days ago
DANOH 238 days ago
thank u!!!
Thae Nu 240 days ago
Thae Nu 240 days ago
good and i want to watch this drama more
please eng sub thank u
Lucy 241 days ago
旺 斯蒂芬妮 248 days ago
when i first watch this i fell inlove
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